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imageDear AYCA, As I am certain you're conscious, Frogger is one of the greatest arcade games of all time. Lately I picked up a coin operated Frogger match from a pizza joint and also would like to move the game. Since you offer free delivery and allow your customers change their games each month, I understood that you would be an expert online arcade game logistics. The issue is that I currently have the high score and don't wish to detach it. Is there a way to maneuver the game without losing my position as the best toad of all time? Sincerely, George C. from New York
Dear George,
Believe it or not, this very question resulted in the development of our pop up arcade. The good news is that you can actually go a game together with the power on. In order to do this, you're likely to want a car battery, a battery charger and a transformer to convert your power to 110 v a/c.
When we tried this, we could conduct Frogger for approximately 6 hours before the match began to reset on usso you could probably get it around town. When we hooked up a second game to our apparatus at the exact same time, it merely made it 45 minutes prior to crashing, so the amount of ampage drawn will increase or decrease your result dramatically.
To be able to run our outside popup arcade with 7 games in it, we use a mix of digital arcades and non-electronic ones, powered by a generator. The generator won't play nice with each monitor, therefore it limits which games can be contained. Because of our large selection, we've managed to collect an awesome compilation of titles.
The good thing is that there does not appear to be a way of linking itself contained power unit like the one which we created to a game that's currently electrified without disrupting the current. It would be interesting to hear from people that have an electric background on thoughts , but without being able to transfer from 1 power source to another, I don't think it's going to be possible to save your score.

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