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imageThinking of starting your own indoor playground enterprise? The process is simplier than you could think and you have picked the correct time to perform it. Indoor Playgrounds are becoming the newest"big thing" that are rapidly spreading across the world. Please visit some of our tips for opening your new playground business below.

You'll Need to collect information about your community and basic market data such as:
The demand for an indoor park on your community
How many children are in your community (typically ages 0-12)?
Can you reside in a community with many tourists? Can there be any?
If you have competition, then what do you do to differentiate yourself from the competition?
What will you bill your clients? What are the competitor's charging?
How much is it to lease or purchase the space you'll need?
How large of a space would you think you'll need?
Should you need assistance with collecting any of the info you might consider a franchise via our partner company Luv 2 Play. Please contact Luv 2 Play and then complete the contact form for more information.
Data Analysis & Business Plan
it's possible to use the information you gathered in your market study in order to compute some quite simple analysis such as your break-even evaluation, start-up expenses, and 3 projections.
From these types of analysis you are able to use this data to make a business plan. If you plan to attract investors or get a business loan you'll surely need a fantastic business plan. Indoor Playgrounds International can help you with this step of the process if necessary.
Locate a Location
Location Location Location.... We all know that the place can be critical to the achievement of a new business enterprise. If possible pick a high traffic area such as near a mall or shopping center. If you reside in a high tourist area then pick a location next to where tourists may come in/out of the own town.
When looking for a building keep in mind that if you want to make you play construction tall you want a tall building. To get a three story play construction you will need at least 15 ft of unobstructed height on your construction. Also search for any obstructions in the construction where the play construction will go. If you want electric soft play in your playground then be sure power is possible to the area you need it.
Contact Indoor Playgrounds and we can assist you with some tips about a place. Remember each city/town/state differs and the best location may differ from place to place.
Style Your Playground
Decided where in your area you want the playground to be. Remember to think of things like party rooms, eating places, areas for couches or tables & chairs for visitors to sit and relax.
Get a floor plan or dimensions of your location and contact Indoor Playground International to obtain a personalized quote. In case you have any idea of theming in mind let us know and we can custom design anything you want. If you do not have any idea that's fine also. Our professional designer's can come up with some thing that you will love.
We'll continue to revise our design's until they surpass your satisfaction.
If you require help with funding please contact us. We work with a lot of finance companies which could rent the equipment for you so that you can free up your cash flow for other areas of your company.
If you are looking for something other than a lease we might be able to steer you in the ideal direction for that too. Just contact us and we'll do whatever we can to help.
Ordering & Production
when your layout is finalized you'll sign a contract with us and pay your deposit.
At this time the creation of your playground will begin. We will keep you updated every step along the way while your playground is being manufactured.
Website Preparation
While we're busy distributing and manufacturing your indoor park you can prepare your site for the opening and installation of your new business. These things can include: interior decorating, personnel training and recruiting, and preparing ads and promotions. This would also be a terrific chance for you to receive some free instruction on playground care and service.
We will provide whole shipping services door to door for your playground such as customs clearance.
Oure team of specialist playground contractors will come to one place to put in your playground soon after arrival of the gear.


After the grand opening of your new indoor park, Indoor Playgrounds International will continue to provide you superior support and service that includes your product warranty, care service, new merchandise discounts, and any other thoughts and resources you might want to continue to conduct a successful business enterprise.

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