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There was a reason why Arthur Fonzarelli was the coolest man in the world for over ten years. It wasn’t a flashy over dramatic bravado, it was low key swagger. The first part of being cool is to know that you are cool. If it’s a goal you are trying to achieve then you’ll never be cool. It’s not a learned behavior; it’s something you just know you are. It’s a change in mind set. Once you worry about other people thinking you are cool you’re no longer cool. This can literally be the most confusing concept of being cool but it’s absolutely the key to achieving this legendary status. Once you have that Fonzy swagger the rest of the pieces will fall into place.
If you look throughout history the coolest people have always been the people who could walk away from any situation and command respect. That’s a true sign of a person who is genuinely cool. Those people tend to be helpful, considerate and intelligent people. If you lack in any of these fundamental qualities you’ll find it hard to be truly cool outside of your social circle. True coolness transcends all social groups. In order to do so a cool person will possess a natural skill to communicate and work with every other social group.

Once you’ve achieved all of the above requirements you can accessorize your coolness with items like a throwback leather jacket (if you are going for that Fonzy look.) a stylish car (nothing to radical or high priced) and even a sweet pair of polarized sunglasses hawkers. Just about any accessorizing that you do will undoubtedly be cool, not trendy. There is a difference. You do something cool became it’s simply cool, not because it’s trendy to do so. Someone who is truly a cool person doesn’t concern themselves with current trends. It’s that slight outlawness that makes them cool in the first place. Most people who run screaming to the next big trend will always be the same people who envy the cool people.

So if you’ve been wondering if you’re actually as cool as you think you are then most likely you’re not and you need to work on your approach to being cool. If you’ve always wanted to be cool then stop being envious of those who are cool and just be cool. Once you stop worrying about being cool, you’ll be cool! Get it? It’s the attitude. You can wear a pocket protector have high pants and know more then the average college student and still be cool. If you’re still reading this and still wondering if you are ever going to be cool, stop reading and go buy the new Britney Spears album because you are never going to be cool. If you are amused at the fact that people worry about being cool, well, my friend, you are one cool person!

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